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With the continuous development of luxuries in the world, more and more luxury goods can be mass-produced by machines in factories. Luxury goods are no longer synonymous with nobility, wealthy and luxury. Of course, each brand will never hang back, and they have stretched the tentacles to personalized customization while wandering at the acme of fashion. Pluralistic deduction of customization spreads all over the world, which makes the customization a fashion or a trend."Private customization" has become the latest definition of luxuries.
   While enjoying the "exclusive" service, private customization also allows more high-level consumers to enjoy the noble life experience brought by personalized consumption. Private custom service is also an interpretation of the ultimate quality of life!
    The annual "LUXURY EXPO Shanghai International Luxury Lifestyle Show" is held in Shanghai China every April since its establishment in 2010. On the basis of continuing to expand the scale, and refining the scheme, after eight years of development, LUXURY EXPO has become the industry's well-known brand show. For eight years, exhibitors from more than ten countries and regions have participated in it, with high quality audience of over 100,000 people-times.
Location: Shanghai Exhibition Center

    Established with the approval of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, SEC is an economic entity specializing in offering large-scale conference and exhibition services. With its buildings completed in March 1955, SEC is the first ever site for conference and exhibition after the founding of the People's Republic of China. Over the past five decades or so, SEC has been the venue for quite a number of important political events and foreign affairs, where CCP leaders of the first, second and the third generation arrived to attend meetings and to meet scores of heads of states from foreign countries. SEC boasts the host to a great many successful international and domestic conferences, exhibitions, and commercial promotion activities. . SEC is a center for important political, economic, science & technology and cultural activities. Architecturally, SEC is blessed with a unique characteristic. With its magnificent and elegant Russian styles and exquisitely graceful decorations, SEC was awarded in 1989 the title of one of the "Shanghai Ten Best Architectures in the period of 1949-1989". In 1999, it is again ranked among "Shanghai Ten classic Architectures with Gold Medals during the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the PRC". According to their functionality, SEC is divided into two parts, the north part and the south part. With Introductory Hall, Central Hall, No.1 East Hall, NO.1 West Hall, No.2 West Hall, the southern part forms an exhibition area, Friendship Hall together with No.2 East Hall in the north is designated as the conference area. SEC is an ideal venue for conference, exhibition and large-scale event in Shanghai.



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