Welcome to the 9th Shanghai International High-end Lifestyle Exhibition 2018, we will try our best to satisfy all of your needs, to provide you with the best quality service!

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+ Top sports car, RV, SUV, limousine, motorcycle, private plane, luxury yacht, etc
+ Luxury villa, private luxury travel, top hotel, resort, private financing / banking services;
+ Top fitness, entertainment club, golf club, yacht club, private clubs, etc;
+ Overseas real estate developers and intermediaries,overseas fund trusts,immigration projects,overseas education, overseas travel, medical tourism,etc;

+ Top jewelry, perfume, famous watches, famous pen, cosmetics, costume, luxury packaging, etc;
+ Top furniture, home textiles, kitchenware, tableware and porcelain, painting, antique, sculpture, object design, etc;

+ Other cutting-edge high-tech products (communication equipment, exercise equipment, healthcare massage equipment) health maintenance, medical treatment, health care, etc.


2018·The 9th Shanghai International High-end Lifestyle Exhibition All Rignt Rserved