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        Shanghai belongs to subtropical maritime monsoon climate. The main climate character is: the warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn, cold winter, annual rainfall is moderate, balanced seasonal distribution. Namyly, moderate and moist , with four distinct seasons.

        The highest temperature Months is July and August. These years the summer is more and more hoter, about 10 days the temperature is more than 35 ℃; During the late January to early February (usually during the Spring Festival) in the winter is coldest, wild cold days although few (usually lasts for 3 days), but the wet and cold in southern China even people from the northern can’t stand, usually there is the biting Boreas, it is better to put on thick clothes, as well as arms the gloves, scarves, hats. The snowing days are rare, sometimes without snow all the year round. March to May is spring which is the best season for traveling. The special reminding is that in the middle June to early July is the rainy season, suddenly clear and rain, more than 20 days of rainfall accounts for about a quarter of whole year, this time is not suit for journey. From the end of August to early September is the peak typhoon season, often with pouring rain. If Travel to Shanghai during above 2 perilds, it is wise to take the umbrella, both for the rain and sunshineThe two time tour Shanghai must take QingYuSan, fortunately now the climate is hot, sunny day also can be used as a sunshade, avoid.

       Shanghai sunrise and sunset time is: the winter solstice 6:49 sunrise, summer solstice sunset 16:57 , 4:50 sunrise, sunset 19:01.

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