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Overseas Investment • Immigration • Education Abroad Exhibition Author:shunzhan  Source: Hots:214 Updated:2017-07-17 Font Size:small medium
About exhibition
     At present, more and more elites and wealthy businessmen in mainland Chinese immigrate overseas through technology or investment. Good educational environment, safe food, better investment environment and more convenient international exchanges etc. are important factors attracting rich Chinese immigrants. Meantime, it is the best investment opportunity for investors to allocate assets global wide without constraints of domestic market so as to maintain the liquidity of assets. 
    This exhibition will provide secure, steady, rational, and mature ideas and products for guests at home and abroad in asset management configuration, children's high-quality education, financial planning and others. The organization committee will bring leading life investment philosophy and international vision for guests with authoritative, professional and top service agencies in overseas property investment in real estate, education abroad, wealth management, and others. 
Display Range
    Overseas real estate developers and intermediaries; overseas fund trusts, land, farm and winery investment, various types of commercial investment; immigration projects, immigration intermediaries; overseas education, international schools, overseas education institutions, law firms; banking financial institutions, investment and financial services; international investment advisory bodies; overseas travel, medical tourism; related national embassies (consulates), immigration offices and related organizations and so on. 

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